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Kaylyn Fraser and Jasmin Hidanovic are part of AgDevCo’s Smallholder Development Unit (SDU), a specialist smallholder farmer-focused technical assistance team within AgDevCo.

As part of the SDU, Jasmin provides technical assistance, and designed and managed initiatives for agribusinesses to engage more effectively with smallholder farmers to create win-win solution, while Kaylyn works with agribusinesses to identify ways of sustainably scaling and enhancing their smallholder farmer outgrower and extension schemes, with the aim of enabling catalytic relationships between agribusinesses and smallholder farmers.
Kaylyn and Jasmin work closely with various businesses across sub-Saharan Africa to support the roll-out of extension services, certification schemes, technology platforms, radio programming and much more – with projects collectively reaching hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers.
With vast experience in finance, investment and smallholder farmer program design, Kaylyn Fraser and Jasmin Hidanovic are our Experts of the Week and will be answering your questions on how to continue smallholder schemes in the face of Covid-19.

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