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Nkiru Okpareke is our Expert of the Week and will be answering your questions on tomato production and greenhouse farming.

Nkiru Okpareke is the CEO/COO of Enviro Gro Farms – a company she co-founded to produce high-end vegetables for the Nigerian Market. It is a premier commercial grower and marketer of fine quality vegetables in Nigeria. Produce on the farm is grown in a 5000 square metre irrigated, climate-controlled greenhouse using a soilless medium and other growing methods for the production of vegetables. Nkiru runs the farms in Epe with her partner and the support of their technical partners and an agronomist.
Nkiru has over twenty years working experience with a decade of that experience in ExxonMobil as a project and design engineer and project manager for infrastructure projects in Nigeria, United States, Singapore and France. She also worked as a human capital development expert and management consultant in Canada and Nigeria.