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Pan-African Soybean Variety Trials Disease and Pest Evaluation Report - Zambia

The Pan-Africa Soybean Variety Trials (PAVT) were established in 10 sites in Zambia in the 2020 growing season. In March 2020, evaluation for disease and insect pests was conducted at 2 sites managed by Syngenta in Lusaka (Lusaka site 1 and 2), a site managed by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Lusaka (Lusaka site 3) and another site at Mpongwe managed by Seed Co. A total of 40 genotypes was planted at all the 4 sites. Generally, the crop stand was good, although drought conditions experienced in Lusaka, may affect the yields. The growth stage for most plants was between full pod (growth stage R4) to full seed fill (growth stage R6).