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Role Of Agritech In Easing Rising Food Prices In Nigeria

The Nigerian food crop production sub-sector value chain is characterised by weak and inefficient producer-market/consumer linkages due to poor infrastructure. The sector is overburdened by the lack of improved processing facilities, low farm productivity, poor post-harvest handling and storage, expensive and poor access to inputs (high quality seeds, fertilizing and crop protection products), inadequate market information, lack of transparency among players, low capacity to meet quality standards, and limited distribution networks. This has adversely impacted productivity, resulting in low income for farmers and high price of food for consumers in Nigeria. With the Nigerian population growing at 3.1 per cent per annum, and estimated to reach 400 million by 2050, enhanced agricultural productivity through adaptation of new technologies and innovation is necessary to ensure food and nutrition security, especially for the poor and the vulnerable. Tremendous support is required from all private sector participants in the crop productivity value chain, including efforts by the federal and state governments in achieving this goal.