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USDA Tanzania 2020 Grain and Feed Report

In Marketing Year (MY) 2020/21, corn production fell due to post-harvest loss, ineffective extension services, unreliable markets, pests, and diseases. FAS/Dar es Salaam forecasts MY 2020/2021 corn harvest area down by five percent due to floods, pests, disease, and heavy rainfall. Genetically Engineered (GE) corn is in confined field trials. Increased opportunity for U.S. wheat ahead as Tanzanian wheat production drops, consumption increases, and imports top 90 percent. U.S. wheat is unavailable in Tanzania market despite imports from U.S. competitors. Post forecasts a four percent rise in wheat imports in MY 2020/2021 due to low production and increase in domestic demand. Rice imports are forecast to drop by 9 percent in MY 2020/2021 due to a Government of Tanzania (GOT) ban on rice imports and increased production.