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Research and Development
Optimizing Yield of Improved Varieties of Millet and Sorghum Under Highly Variable Rainfall Conditions using Contour Ridges in Cinzana, Mali
MaliTraore, K., Sidibe, D.K., Coulibaly, H., and Bayal...

Low productivity of cereals, the staple food, in Sahelian zone of Cinzana in Mali is caused by a range of factors including but not limited to inherent low soil fertility, and insufficient and inadequate distribution of the rainfall due to high cl...

Research and Development
Analysis of Cropland Allocation in Rural Areas Benin: A Fractional Multinomial Approach
BeninGilbert Onionkiton Adjimoti

This study uses primary data collected from 522 farm households in the Collines region in Benin and Fractional Multinomial Logit to access and analyse the factors affecting cropland allocation in rural Benin, considering four groups of crops: cere...

On-Farm Production (crops, livestock)
Cashew as a High Agricultural Commodity in West Africa: Insights towards Sustainable Production in Guinea-Bissau
Guinea BissauMonteiro, F., Catarino, L., Batista, D., Indjai, B...

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the West African region has highly diverse agro-climatic conditions, which grant the potential for a remarkable agricultural production of a great diversity of crops. Since the 1980s, the production volumes of most crops have g...

Research and Development
Gap Analysis of Cassava Sector in Cameroon
CameroonStephanie Mvodo

Cassava is one of the top five crops in Cameroon. Its evolution has remained constant since the independence period and the production has more than tripled. It is a crop with multiple industrial capacities but the sector’s business opportunities are...

Research and Development
Current Status and Trends in Cabo Verde Agriculture
Cabo VerdeMonteiro, F., Fortes, A., Ferreira, V., Essoh, A.P...

With climate change, drought is expected to increase, and its negative impacts will be particularly important in developing countries, usually with rainfall-dependent agriculture. The Cabo Verde archipelago is characterized by limited resources, remo...

Effectiveness of the Women's Development Team Leaders in Delivering Nutrition Education on Pulse Sprouting in Southern Ethiopia
EthiopiaAbinet Hailu

Effectively implemented nutrition education can provide participants with the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices in the context of their lifestyles and economic resources. In Ethiopia, the government equips health extension workers...

Research and Development
Protein and Energy Contribution of African Indigenous Vegetables: Evidence from Selected Rural and Peri-urban Counties of Kenya
KenyaMwanga Ronald

Although positive steps have been taken towards reducing food insecurity, it remains a serious and recurrent issue, especially in developing countries. Food insecurity is aggravated by the world’s growing population and global ecological cha...

Research and Development
High Variability of Iodine in Iodized Salt and Urine from Rural Household in Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia: A Cross-sectional Study

Iodine is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones which regulate the metabolic processes of most cells and play important roles in human growth and development. Iodine deficiency has long been one of the most common nutritional problems in...

Research and Development
Agricultural Value Chains: How Cities Reshape Food Systems

Rapid growth of cities is driving change in agricultural value chains—key factors include increased commercial flows of agricultural goods, diet transformation, and the large role of commercial markets in meeting urban food needs. Megacities...

Agriculture for Improved Nutrition: Seizing the Momentum.

This book highlights the important links between agriculture and nutrition, both direct and indirect, both theoretical and practical. It explores these relationships through various frameworks, such as value chains, programmes and policies, as wel...

Moving toward Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture Strategies and Programming in Ethiopia
EthiopiaAnne Bossuyt

This chapter begins with a discussion of Ethiopia’s various nutrition-related indicators, which show the persistence of child and adult malnutrition, despite some progress. It discusses the major programs and policies that have been launched...

Research and Development
Cost-effectiveness of Community-based Gendered Advisory Services to Farmers: Analysis in Mozambique and Tanzania

Rigorous impact evaluations on agricultural interventions in the developing world have proliferated in research of recent years. Whereas increased care in causal identification in such analyses is beneficial and has improved the quality of researc...

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