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Food Safety
Molecular Survey Of Babesia parasites In Kenya

Among protozoan parasites in the genus Babesia, Babesia bigemina is endemic and widespread in the East African region while the status of the more pathogenic Babesia bovis remains unclear despite the presence of the tick vector, Rhipicephalus micropl...

Agri-Food News and Media, Climate Change
2022 Global Food Policy Report: Climate Change And Food Systems
All CountriesR.Miller

The 2022 Global Food Policy Report showcases opportunities for accelerating innovation, reforming policies, resetting market incentives, and increasing financing for sustainable food systems transformation, as well as promoting healthy diets and buil...

Agri-Food News and Media, Climate Change
Initiative Overview – ClimBeR: Building Systemic Resilience Against Climate Variability and Extremes
All CountriesCGIAR

Without adaptation solutions now, millions of smallholder farmers will be unprepared for the severe consequences of increased temperature, drought, flooding, and other climate extremes. Building Systemic Resilience Against Climate Variability and Ext...

Agri-Food News and Media
An Uncertain Future For Livestock Production In The Tropics
All CountriesILRI

Future heat stress may make cattle production unviable in large swathes of Africa

Agri-Food News and Media
Food Security Outlook : East Africa
Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, RwandaFEWS NET

The Food Security Outlook Report presents its March 2022 edition:Conflict, weather, and economic shocks likely to drive an alarming increase in humanitarian needs in East Africa. March 2022

Agri-Food News and Media, Climate Change
Mult-Agency East Africa Drought Alert
All CountriesFamine Early Warning Systems Network

The Eastern Horn of Africa faces an exceptional prolonged and persistent agro-pastoral drought sequence

Agri-Food News and Media
Reduction of Exports From Ukraine Likely To Cause Significant Disruptions To Livelihoods
All CountriesHannah Button

As the global food supply chain pivots to make up for lost or reduced exports of key commodities as a result of Russia’s war on Ukraine, questions about Ukraine’s domestic food, fuel and fertilizer supplies remain a major priority for domestic decisi...

Agri-Food News and Media, Agri-Tech and Digital Services
Digitally Enabled Farm Mechanization Aligns Incentives To Revolutionize Smallholder Livelihoods
All CountriesHedwig Siewertsen

The arrival of a tractor in the small farming community of Luhindo in Tanzania’s Kilolo district feels to local residents like “a revolution” according to local farmer, Chesko Mdeko. Three years ago, Mdeko purchased a tractor from one of the Alliance...

Climate Change, Agri-Food News and Media
Do We Need To Increase Carbon Levels in Soil?
All CountriesJane Marsh

Most people understand that climate change is a growing and global concern. They also realize that no single solution will solve this massive problem. Progress will happen through an all-encompassing strategy that includes many options. One of them i...

Agri-Food News and Media
Benchmarks For Food Safety Curriculum In The East African Community
Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, TanzaniaKang'ethe, E.K Mutua and Nguyen-Viet

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) have been working with food safety experts from universities in the East...

Agri-Food News and Media
Urban Food Markets In Africa
Burkina FasoDione, Guy, Lalogo and Knight-Jones

Burkina Faso stakeholders' workshop report

Agri-Food News and Media
ILRI Corporate Report 2020-21
All CountriesILRI

It is an understatement to say that this has been an unusually challenging year worldwide. But thanks to the dedication and creativity of our staff and partners we are proud to report that it has not only been a successful year but one that has demon...

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