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Technology and Innovations
Digital Extension Service Providers
Digital Extension Service Providers

Sokopepe Limited is a social enterprise company that started on February 2014. It provides two main services mainly to small scale farmers in Kenya. The first is known as Farm Records Management Information System – Kenya (FARMIS – Kenya) – and the second is SOKO+, a digital commodity trading and information system. FARMIS Kenya is a farm management and diagnostic tool based on the use of farm records aimed at identifying productivity trends, profitability of different farm enterprises and producing evidence for use in decision making at the farm, County and National levels. SOKO+ is a digital commodity trading and information system, linking small scale farmers to end retailers/bulk purchasers of produce. SOKO+ is designed to address transactions and extension needs along the entire value chain – from farm inputs to the buyer of the final products – thus enhancing the space of the farmer, by-passing the numerous brokers between the farmer and end consumer.

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